It’s funny how I almost commited suicide when I was younger

But I stopped myself because I thought about how it would hurt the people I love

Now more than half of the people I was afraid to leave behind, left me

Well it’s not very funny, more like sadly ironic

Now what?

Who do I turn to?

Who can I trust?

Don’t answer that, don’t even speak

I don’t want apologizes or excuses; I know you don’t mean them

After giving my all, my everything, you turned away

So then I turned away, & was knocked down

Now what?

Is that all you got?

I’ll only continue to rise again like the sun, each day

I’ll open doors for people who would slammed them in my face

Stick around until you’re sick of me

Disappear until you miss me, but you won’t really miss me

Now what?

-S.R. Sargent


I adore your smile
It warms my heart

I want to hold you forever
Your embrace gives me fever

Nothing can take
The love I have for you

If you were to love me the same
I would give you the sunset

Your voice moves me
And brings me rapture

You’re like my cocoa butter
Penatrating, softening my soul

No one can replace
The joy you bring me

If you were to love me the same
I would sing your sorrows away

I would

Kiss you

Hold you

Love you


-S.R. Sargent


Just so you know, I wasn’t lying
I will spend the rest of my life
Searching for the missing pieces
To your puzzle
Until I restore you completely

Whether or not you like
Whether or not you care
I will strip the clothes of your soul
While kissing every inch of your being
So is not to lose the mood of course

This is a letter from a nobody
A nobody that gives a fuck
Who won’t let go of the thought
That you may still be saved
And will swim into the depths
Into the depths of sorrow
So that you shall be glad

I reached out my hand to pull you up
Until I realize you never gave me yours
Why do you make me cry?
Can you even cry?
Let us cry together after praying…sorry

Hey look over here
I can love another
How about you?
Too soon?
I say it out of love for you

This is a letter from a nobody
A nobody that gives a fuck
Who won’t let go of the thought
That you may still be saved
And will swim into the depths
Into the depths of sorrow
So that you shall be glad

It doesn’t matter what you say
Or what you do, to me,
The imcumbrance you put upon me
Will only make me

Hug tighter
Kiss longer
Love stronger

But until the rain stops
I’m still here, still crying

-S.R. Sargent


I went to bed early

So I could dream about you

Is that okay?

I hope so

I saw you smile today

And I couldn’t help

But smile too

You’re so beautiful

I saw you in the hallway

And I blurted out something stupid

Sorry about that

You make my heart sing

I saw you walk away from me

To another girl

She loves you

This makes me cry inside

Because I love you too.

-S.R. Sargent


Here I stand

With an exaggerated waistline

And rebellious hair

Here I smile

With crooked teeth

An oily complexion

And lips too big for my face

Here I lie

With an unnecessary amount of body hair

And tangled eyelashes

Here I dance

With stiff hips

A lack of rhythm

And unflattering curves

You might say I am anything but beautiful

But you are anything but right

Beautiful I am

For my heart provides me with

Long glossy raven hair

And radiant skin

My soul gives me

Graceful body movements

And a gazelle-like physique

Then my mind has given me

The courage to stand tall

With wisdom and integrity

And just a little bit of arrogance

My mind has given me

A reason to say God…you have blessed me with

Beauty that can not be measured to any extent

And I thank you


Here I stand

Here I smile

Here I lie

Here I dance

Here I am

With my heart…my soul…my mind

Set on one thing

To prove that indeed…

Beautiful I am

All ears…eyes…hearts…on me

Beautiful I am

-S.R. Sargent


The female, the other half of Adam
With the power to seduce, by the swing of her hips,
To expand her uterus and bring forth life

The female, victim to the curse of Eve
Controller of a man’s heart, when her legs are open,
For him to sing to her as she does him

The female,a weak vessel in life
Longing for attention, dependent on looks and beauty,
Unaware of the hard times coming soon

Yet, she is indeed a unique creature

But it takes a woman, to guide her mate
Using her mind and grace, as a weapon of seduction,
Giving birth to a generation of hope

Yes it takes a woman, to cry real tears
Have the ability, to love a man above the waist,
Arousing him with her passion and romance

And only a woman, has potential to succeed
Drawing everyone in to her heart and soul, loving herself
Strives to reach her goals prepared for pain, no fear

For she, woman, is a magical star

She is strong and loves hard
She has wisdom and modesty
She is human but as enchanting as an angel

Is You.

-S.R. Sargent



Did I miss something?

I mean besides the last two rotations on the blunt.

I’m asking this because and I already know,

You’re gonna be all, “Savannah you’re so dramatic”.

But it appears I need to make myself clear.

This life is shit, can’t you smell it?

I can also see it as I live it in painfully slow motion.

But there are some that can’t see it,

They shield their eyes with a kaliedoscope

Hoping the colors will mesh together into something worth living.

Bright colors apparently provoke words,

Words start to hurt then words become weapons.

I am a wounded soldier in a war of words.

Why do you attack me?

In my defense…

I never said I was a size two, Colgate smile, long haired, smooth skinned, hazel eyed angel.

I never said I was a quiet girl with grace who knew when and when NOT to speak.

I never said I was a virgin, 

But I never said I’d give you head.

I never said I wanted to be depressed.

I never said I wanted to be the woman on the side.

I never said I liked school,

But I never said that was the reason for dropping out

I never said I can take a low brow joke at my expense,

nor did I say I didn’t have feelings.

I never approved of being called, “lisp”, “baby gap”, “slab”, “slut”, “hoe”, “crybaby”, “necky”, or “fat bitch”.

I never said I would fail.

So why are you acting as if I did?

Why do you expect it?

- S.R. Sargent


I’m very sad

But tend not to 

Show it

Because I am afraid

Of losing what little

I have left

Or have I nothing to lose?

-S.R. Sargent


No one around me knows how it feels, to be mentally tourtured after all these years & see now what you’ve become..NOTHING. “Bitch what you say?” Nothing, nothing.

 If I’m so dramatic then where’s my Oscar? You’re not a friend you’re a fucking imposter! You call me a name, then I’ll call you one back then I get smacked for talking that smack. Because I was wrong, I’m not strong, the weak need to stay where they belong huff. Am I a weak bitch because I never blew your shit out? Yea I walked away like woman how old are you now? I’ve been dealing with shit since 1st grade on I’d hope it’d be like Dixie Chicks “Long Time Gone” but the pain goes on.

 You’re real if you can understand me & relate. But if you come up to me trying to fight then I’ll know you’re fake! You never gave a shit about me I was air, sitting in the back last bitch to hit the square naw fuck it I mean blunt. You stupid little cunt! You’re mad? Go ahead beat me, you know where to find me sitting at home thinking suicide is so lovely.

 Aww how cute you think this is about you? Well Boo hoo this is more than just you! You & you & you & you! All you bully bitches who had nothing else to do but to make a little fat girl with a gap and lisp curl into a ball of tears and fall out of this world. I remember 1 mornin these girls ran up on me, I cried to the teacher & they all laughed at me. 7 years later…is this for me? A friend request for little ol me? The same damn bitches said they’ve grown since the last tease, well since then bitch my anger has increased!

 You always wondered why I’m so “White”, well lemme get my gear & turn into the Black Knight. Then I’ll chop your head off slam it on the black top then I’ll say in your ear this is what you wanted RIGHT? You wanted beast to come out RIGHT? But now that this beast doesn’t have a fucking leash you got a problem? Tight.

-S.R. Sargent


I was crying so hard
I couldn’t even breathe

The love of my life
Holder of my heart
Whose passion lives
Within my soul

Flew away from me
Left my body weakening

For his touch

His kiss

His love

He has hurt me before
He will hurt me again
Because he doesn’t know
To love another

He flew away to search
To find a reason to love

He slipped through my fingers
I fought to keep him

I lay crying yearning
For his touch

His kiss

His love

He has hurt me before
He will hurt me again
Because he doesn’t know
To love another

He flew away to search
To find a reason to love

I wonder if
He will come back

But I can’t

I won’t

I will never stop
I will never stop loving you
The sun will never stop

I could never stop
I could never stop loving you
The trees will never stop growing

I will die before my heart
Forgets the joy you brought it

Never will I stop wanting

Your touch

Your kiss

Your love

Baby come home
I need you here

-S.R. Sargent